Entering the new Year with a clear statement, that’s what it’s about at Götti’s for 2022! With two Sunglasses models named SABIA and SADRY, the Swiss brand unites 3D-printing technology with edgy design and the combo is a total winner!


The massive front with its edges and corners fits perfectly with the ultra-thin metal temples. SABIA and SADRY are sunglasses that speak for themselves and feel like being on holidays every day.

Off to unlimited possibilities.

You can almost sense the unlimited possibilities of additive production at every edge. Numerous facets come to life like a diamond. Despite the monochromatic colour every surface and edge lends varied shades depending on how the light hits.

And yet, the sunglasses appear understated and toned down. The filigree temples are a real contrast, so that the dominant front becomes the ultimate eye catcher.

Sadry convinces with a rounded silhouette in monochromatic grey mostly suited for the ladies.

More Götti Frames await over at FAVR and on their Website.

Brand Profile at SPECTR.

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