Haffmans & Neumeister // Spring/Summer ‘20 Novelties

Berlin based brand Haffmans & Neumeister kicked off the year 2020 by adding a subtle touch to the eyewear in their Ultralight collection.
Drawing inspiration from what was known as the “Windsor” style – first seen in the late 1800s – selected models have been fit with an acetate insert, or “Windsor ring”, creating new possibilities in terms of colour combinations and design. The result is called Ultralight.

Delavault / Resampled for Spring 2020, the style receives the addition of a Windsor insert for a colorful, more playful look. We’re thinking of a Members Only jacket paired with Bongo jeans and Reebok Workouts. Do as De La does.

Watson / This genius flat-topped panto combines an element of under-the-radar humbleness with a snap of panache. The end result is a smashingly lovely frame—it’s elementary, my dear!

Sunnies too received a bunch of new models at Haffman’s & Neumeister…

West / Inspired by Ye himself, West is a deep, boxy lens shape with a Cazal-esque, bi-colored PVD bridge for college dropouts and graduates alike.

Onyx / Honeycomb shaped and as sweet as can bee! Onyx is a hexagonal 80s style that nimbly hovers between super cute and super cool. 

Want to find out more? Follow the link and check out the entire collection here. Enjoy and stay healthy!

Brand Profile at Spectr. Want to see more models of the same material? Go check out our new Platform FAVR now and find the right pair.

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