The Jura region ranges as the undisputed cradle of the French eyewear industry. One of the quintessential examples of optical craftsmanship at home in the mountainous area in the East of the country is HENRY JULLIEN, established in 1921 in Lons-le-Saunier. Today, exactly 100 years later, the traditional company still manufactures its eyeglasses in the same location according to time-honored principles. What’s more, the eyewear mainstays carry this wealth of expertise as a badge of honor: “We’re not like others, we are one of a kind.” This statement also includes a deeply rooted commitment to preserving a high level of quality while passing on the profound heritage to future generations. As is to be expected, HENRY JULLIEN realizes this sense of mission by banking on premium materials and quality control at its manufacture.    

Heading into a brand-new century of company history, HENRY JULLIEN introduces two new collections: Gold Filled and Nano Studio combine strong technical features with a passion for detail as the signature aesthetic of both lines.

Gold Filled Collection

In der bei HENRY JULLIEN bewährten Gold Filled Technologie wird ein Goldmantel untrennbar auf eine Metal-Base geschoben. Das Ergebnis des 279 Arbeitsschritte umfassenden Prozesses ist, in Qualität und Haltbarkeit nach eigener Aussage, dem sonst üblichen Vergolden weit überlegen. Die ausgewogene Gewichtsverteilung der 30 verschiedenen Gold Filled Modelle gewährleistet einen ultimativen Komfort.

The Gold Filled technology is a true HENRY JULLIEN achievement, and inextricably connects a golden layer to the metal base, unlike mere gold plating. The elaborate process requires 279 working steps, but the results speak for themselves in terms of quality and longevity. Thanks to their balanced weight distribution, the 30 models in the Gold Filled Collection offer superior comfort of wear.

Nano Studio Collection

The same love for details as the Gold Filled line sparkles all over the Nano Studio Collection. The glasses achieve a unique level of light weight and elegance thanks to HENRY JULLIEN’s extensive technical and materials know-how.

Speaking of materials, the implemented Nanofit material is derived from healthcare and aviation technology and offers superior elasticity and robustness – even superior to aluminum and titanium. Leveraging the full advantages of Nanofit material, HENRY JULLIEN launches eleven styles with ultra-delicate frame composition in the line. Want even lighter frames? How about the collection’s eight rimless models that can be fitted with lenses in diverse shapes.

One of the most striking elements of the Nano Studio Collection lies in the patented, screwless hinges that may look delicate, but secure a long-lasting fit at a high level of resilience. Weighing in at a mere 5 grams, the rimless models raise the bar for lightweight style grounded in a century of eyewear expertise.

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