HEY x KALEOS // The Beautiful Shape

KALEOS is pleased to announce the collaboration with HEY where playfulness, creativity, and infinite shapes are the fundamental pillars.

HEY’s unique approach to form through colors seemed the perfect match for KALEOS to continue developing the brand’s philosophy, “The Beautiful Shape”.

HEY is a Barcelona-based creative studio founded in 2007. They specialize in developing creative strategies and visual languages. Known for their use of color and irreverent visual code, they join forces with KALEOS to create a truly unique piece.

HEY x KALEOS eyewear evokes the playful essence of HEY’s colorful drawings while being technically very complex.

A new construction in the eyewear industry was born – this is a special piece that allows multiple frame compositions.

1296 different sunglasses with only 1 body frame.

This single piece that you can customize with different colors and shapes enhances every kind of mood and personality.

HEY x KALEOS is a collaboration that perfectly incorporates the essence of both brands: focus on shape with an irreverent visual code.

photos HEY x KALEOS

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