ic! berlin – Power law rough

ic! berlin – Power law rough

Here it is, our Editor’s Choice for the second issue of Eyewear Magazine.

Every one of us has to deal with challenging timelines sometimes. Berlin-based eyewear specialists ic! berlin are no exception. Due to time constraints, their first draft of their new “power law” had to be presented as an unpolished cut. But everyone soon agreed: “The rough cut looks incredible!” Ultimately, the designers decided not to hide the craftsmanship that goes into the creation of these shades, and go with the rough cut. A very masculine theme for some very masculine glasses. And in order to guarantee a smooth fit despite all the rough edges, the nose bridge section is polished by hand.

As another exclusive detail, ic! berlin premiers a small logo engraving, etched by laser into the lenses. This makes these new glasses the best of both worlds – rough exterior with a finely-detailed core; rough outlines and precision details down to the millimeter. All combined in a set of frames that comes as one sleek, convincing package. Sometimes when you leave things up to chance, the results can be beautiful. Everyone here agrees: A well earned Editor’s Choice for this issue!


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