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Eyewear meets Furniture Design

Sometimes the most interesting results emerge from combinations that seem a bit far-fetched and experimental at first sight. Like when candy makers blend dark chocolate with hot chili peppers for a delicious combo. Another delicious combo is the recent collab between popular eyewear brand IC! Berlin and renowned furniture designer Sebastian Herkner. Right on time for Silmo 2019, the Berlin-based brand is launching a capsule collection with the Designer Of The Year-winning Sebastian Herkner. The special kick: All models in the collection are named after famous Berlin buildings and crafted from high-end materials with a sense of modern elegance.

Every single frame is rendered in a clearly defined design language in the signature style of IC! BERLIN and Sebastian Herkner. One of the major design attributes lies in surface textures: By blending glossy and matted finishes, which are also found on Herkner’s furniture designs and the eyewear brand’s hybrid frames like the current »AVUS« model, the collection achieves a striking effect. The use of transparent acetate allows a glimpse into the frames’ interior elements while Herkner’s signature style shines in the subtle metal details. What both partners in the collab also have in common is the same target audience. People who value quality in terms of materials and construction and is always on the hunt for one-of-a-kind product while appreciating the mixture of time-honored craftsmanship with modern technologies. Overall, the resulting capsule collection is visionary, creative and even hotter than dark chocolate with hot chili peppers. Applause for our Collab of the Issue!

Find out more about the Collab.

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