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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1578398035418{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”]What do automobile mainstays Mercedes-Benz and eyewear trendsetters IC! BERLIN have in common? A whole lot, actually, including a design philosophy marked by high performance and perfectionism down to the most miniscule detail. Since they are already traveling on similar paths, it made sense for the two brands to join up for a collab eyewear collection, which consists of five frames created in perfect symbiosis. To see what drives the collaboration, we get the lowdown from IC! BERLIN head designer Harry Skinner in our interview.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row]

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A Collaborative Constellation Of Design


Hello Harry, as the lead designer at IC! BERLIN you have the last word in the creative process. But what about the design workflow in a collaboration?

Collaborative projects are uniquely different. When working together with another brand, I encourage a free-flowing concept phase. From the point of ideation to the execution of the design, both sides interact openly and decisions in most cases are made through mutual agreement and collective problem solving. If the communication breaks down, then so does the product. What’s important for me is ensuring a trusting and understanding relationship in a collaborative constellation.

How did the opportunity to cooperate with Mercedes-Benz arise?

MB showed interest by approaching us at the Milan eyewear fair. We both share common visions in design and brand, so a collaboration seemed inevitable. After visiting their headquarters and taking a deep dive in the Mercedes-Benz design philosophy, we were excited about the prospect of creating an eyewear collection together.

What sealed the deal for you?

It is IC! BERLIN’s strategy to work with other German brands, particularly names that are pioneers in their field. Mercedes-Benz is constantly innovating not just in the automotive industry but also across a number of ‘beyond the car’ disciplines. Mercedes-Benz is fascinating in terms of conceptual work and design approach, particularly within the realm of interaction. Their style identity evokes an emotional reaction that adds to a unique user experience. The biggest challenge was, how could this be translated to eyewear? Also, the idea of blending handmade precision with innovative expertise was a highly motivating factor.

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Were there any restrictions set by MB that you had to abide by?

Actually no. The design philosophy and guidelines set by Mercedes-Benz made the project briefing clear and intuitive. Both design teams shared common goals and expectations. Aesthetically, the frames needed to relate to the design language of Mercedes-Benz while also upholding the key design attributes of IC! BERLIN.

Speaking of attributes, which three keywords describe the collection perfectly?

Engineered. Sensual. Performance.

The collection implements three MB lines: Mercedes-Benz Style, AMG and Mercedes-Benz Classic. How did you transfer the peculiarity of each line to the eyewear models?

Good question. Mercedes-Benz Style is the conceptual and multifaceted side of MB, and gave us the freedom to explore, innovate and create a showpiece that pushes the boundaries of eyewear. We play with light and material combinations to achieve an evocative performance shield. Mercedes-AMG represents high performance, precision and efficiency. The frame embraces these key attributes through its use of quality materials and lightweight comfortable fitting. The sheet metal frame is combined with a textured rubberized bridge detail picking up the signature AMG color accents and grill aesthetics. The lenses used are performance driving lenses giving an optimum vision experience to the user. Mercedes-Benz Classic frames are timeless sunglass pieces that pick up the shapes and lines from the brand’s historic identity. The styles are classic and understated.

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What type of customer did you have in mind for these models?

Anyone who wants the Mercedes-Benz experience. If you want high quality hand-made craftmanship from Berlin in combination with high-performance and the exhilarating ride you would get from driving a Mercedes, then this collection is for you.

Does your choice of materials also reference Mercedes-Benz as an automobile manufacturer?

Yes, we picked material combinations that help highlight contrasts in material finishes. For example, matt and glossy combinations achieved by using rubber and polished stainless steel helped give a depth in material impression within the designs. Another goal from the start was to use performance lenses specialized in improving vision while driving in all weather conditions, because the frame should be considered as a tool for driving as well as a lifestyle piece.

What’s your personal favorite in the new line?

The »AMG 01«. This sunglass model encapsulates the essential features of the line through product detailing and overall styling. It’s a bold and energetic sunglass, making it a satisfying experience to wear. I am delighted with the outcome and believe the key elements of AMG automobiles are visible in its aesthetics.

Thanks for the interview, Harry.

ic! berlin x Mercedes-Benz »MB 02«, »MB 01« & »MB 03«


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