Introducing Split Milk Eyewear

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Working at Spectr also means discovering new Eyewear brands and sharing our discoveries with you. So we stumbled across the US brand Split Milk a little while back and couldn’t be happier about our discovery…

SpiltMilk is a New York based eyewear brand built on the most dynamic pinnacles in fashion today. Representing the conjunction between fashion and culture, SpiltMilk is created for the leader of society battling the status quo. Inspiration is drawn globally with each frame meticulously handcrafted in Japan. SpiltMilk stands for authenticity, influence, and authority, all values we strongly agree with.

SpiltMilk evokes humor, luxury and sensuality. Using a combination of malleable titanium and metal, each pair can be adjusted to fit every face like a glove. The models are bold, extravagant all the while fitting into your everyday live, a stretch pretty hard to achieve. In short, Split Milk is definitely a brand to follow. TBC…


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