JEAN-FRANÇOIS REY 1985, Limited Edition

To celebrate his 30 years of creation, the house JEAN-FRANÇOIS REY launches the line 1985, a limited edition of trendy optical and solar models. The line makes a reference to the 80’s, period in the course of which the future creator of the brand J.F. REY pushes aside the eyewear universe and will impose a new and offbeat style which defines even today the signature of the brand. For this special event, JEAN-FRANÇOIS REY chose to republish very iconic models launched in 1985 by respecting very faithfully the original drawings. The manufacturing processes and materials are as for them current, bringing quality, comfort and lightness. Produced to 500 copies each, the models are proposed with a high-end packaging preserving eighties spirit into the present day. A special book with the original photos of Joëlle and Jean-François Rey will allow customers to share the brand’s story.



KINO 0013


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