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Jeremy Tarian

The Parisian designer Jérémy Tarian approaches eyewear with creative artistry and a wickedly, wonderful sense of humour. Jérémy tells the story that he designed his first frame for himself – as ”revenge” because he needed to wear glasses from the age of eight. His “revenge” evolved into a continuing unbridled passion for eyewear. He also believes that not working in the legendary family business allowed him to develop his own creativity…a distinctive talent that has already won Jérémy two Silmo d’Or awards – the coveted “Oscar” of eyewear. In 2012, his iconic Saintonge was the winner with his own label, and he won previously for a design on behalf of ic! berlin.

Tarian eyewear is the fruition of Jérémy’s creative instincts and original concepts. Each line, curve and detail of the frames is hand drawn by Jérémy. He is open and vibrantly aware of his surroundings, and finds inspiration on the streets of his beloved Paris, his many travels to stimulating lands, people’s expressions, museums, and nature – in fact – all of life. He also loves architecture and graphics, and studied at Parsons School of Design in New York City. His latest project is conducting Master classes in eyewear at HEAD (Geneva University of Art and Design/Switzerland). A very fortunate student will have one of their designs featured in Jérémy’s

The Tarian brand fuses the art of traditional craftsmanship and the latest technology in the industry. In Tarian eyewear, the two elements blend harmoniously in each individually handmade frame. Only Limited Editions – with a maximum of 500 numbered pieces – are created.
Jérémy Tarian is deeply involved in the creation of the frames, from the initial design concept, until the frames reach the opticians and fashion boutiques. Superior service is an equally important asset in Tarian eyewear. The frames are crafted in the Jura region of France, which has a long and distinguished reputation in producing the finest quality frames. The Tarian’s family legacy of eyewear excellence enters a new dimension with Jérémy’s innovative collections of original frames.

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