JF Rey Explores New Ways…

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Jean-François Rey explores a new creative way in the work of metal-acetate combined frames with a new technical and a
esthetic proposition on the faces. The concept focuses on the cutting of acetate, sculpting an astonishing geometry with breaks of materials perfectly mastered.
The metal unfolds and redraws the aesthetics of the frame, creating a new graphic balance. The lines and reliefs obtained
enrich the aesthetics of the faces and confer style and character to the models. The colour DNA of the brand is confirmed once again with a choice of very personal color sharts that emphasize the elegance and purity of the design. Of singular appearance, the exercise is very complex and demanding in the technical realization. Jean-François Rey confirms once again his capacity to innovate and to renew himself permanently.
Look out for the new Destruct Collection at this Year’s Silmo.

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