Jean-François Rey kicks off a winning season with three new models made from metal with an assertive and very modern graphic design. Made in France, in the factories of Jura, the Match Point line consists of 8 optical frames and 3 solar, including a special piece offered in Limited Edition. The cutting-edge work and extremely creative pieces introduce a sporty-chic look as well-balanced as modern.

Preserving the brand’s artistic imprint, models JF2910 and JF2912 bring a sporty-chic energy into the new JF Rey’ collection. They are shaped in thin layers of metal which structure the face and reveal a very original set of graphic lines. The frames feature an interesting choice of electric colours accurately applied to the metal, raw or openwork. Thoroughness and precision of cuttings, well-shaped and balanced volumes, clean lines and impeccable finishes – for all lovers of a relaxed, refined and well-structured style.

The JF2970SL model is inspired by the visor caps seen on tennis and sportswear fashion players from the 80s. It is made in extremely thin metal lines welded on the top and the face of the frame which overlap in a set of original and very aesthetic graphic stripes. The great fineness of the metal and the choice of electric colors give the model an assertive sporty-chic and modern look.

The collection boasts a handful of other colour combos and frames you need to check out as they will fit on the tennis court but on every other playground the world has to offer as well. Match Point for the Win!

Check out the entire Collection here.

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