Since the launch of the Eyewear brand JF Rey, the French designer has always been up for new challenges. His signature style is known worldwide for being eye-catching, mixing complex designs with timeless, elegant looking materials – a balancing act that is rarely achieved. Among the numerous materials and design concepts, JF Rey has devoted himself to metal, a material that is difficult to work with due to its rather cold aesthetics and rigidity. In his WAVE, SHELL and MATCH POINT collections, the French Designer offers this material a very special stage.


As a result of extensive technical and visual research, WAVE frames offer a fluid, lightweight, moving design. The modern and graphic style of these frames is achieved by folding and colouring thin stainless steel strips, which are layered and fixed to a nylon frame base equipped with flex brackets.

If you follow the lines, volumes and shapes with attention, you can see the work behind the seemingly simple design. With WAVE, Jean-Fran├žois Rey continues his research on coloured metal and launches a new concept: 3 nylor shapes made of metal. Impressive in their balance, technicality and creativity. The designer works with the codes of contemporary design: a fascinating game in which fine metal lines bend, cross, overlap and vibrate on the face in a light and airy structure.
The style of this collection is carried by the architectural geometry of the upper line, which gets all the attention. Each stainless steel element is individually folded and coloured by hand, with precise, technical finish.

The colour palette plays a pivotal role, with a preference for clear, bright colours to sublimate the graphic aesthetics of the frames. Design and colours harmonise in an elegant minimalist interplay, giving the collection its unique visual strength. More than just a visual frame, Monsieur Rey offers true artistic work in which design, architecture and art meet with harmony and intelligence. Sublime!

In the MATCH POINT and SHELL Collections, we wrote about earlier, these concepts take a whole other meaning again.

If you are curious about all the details and frames available in each of these collections, make sure to head over to the JF REY Website now.

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