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The new line SHELL from JF Rey proposes 3 models crafted from the finest metal.

The Golden Shell

The new shapes are round or fluttering and stand out for their minimalist and clean design. On both sides a beautiful aerial golden shell hides and it is everything but ordinary. The design is imagined around the idea of ​​offset projection of the front in a perspective that suggests the theme of shells. The volumes are built by superimposition of the thin front and geometric metal lines. The contrasts of shapes and colors are enhanced in a very distinctive graphic spirit. The result is a minimalist silhouette that redraws and structures the front. The extreme lightness of the metal, ultra-thin temples, aerial architecture and chic detailing complete the modern and trendy look of these frames. A line of pure vintage-style fashion pieces that fits the current trends while preserving its own “JF Rey’ identity”! Bravo Monsieur Rey!

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