[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]The name says it all for KALEOS EYEHUNTERS: Founded in 2013 in Barcelona, the label is all about hunting the city streets for curious eyeballs and jealous looks. As their bait, the design-driven label continues to reinvent fashionable eyewear every six months in collections that accentuate their wearer’s personalities at every step of the way. From classic understatement to bold modern pieces with individual customization, their frame designs always live up to their reputation as true eye catchers.

The new Chromatics collection continues the wild hunt: Creative director Claudia Brotons presents a kaleidoscope of colors in a collection spanning 15 sunglasses and RX-frames in rounded lens shapes and lush colorways. KALEOS EYEHUNTERS invites wearers on a journey inspired by the beauty of nature. Destinations include late summer sunsets on the beach, lush rainforests, and the neon lights of modern-day cities.

As a perfect match for summer season, the collection’s colorways are on point with luscious shades of red and magenta as well as orange and blue. It’s already safe to say that KALEOS EYEHUNTERS once again cooked up a tasty eyewear collection that is bound to attract many hungry looks. Next to inspired colorways, the Chromatics collection is marked by delicate temples and color-intense acetate; thereby connecting the ultra-light new range to the recognizable design style established by KALEOS EYEHUNTERS over the last five years.

Looking at the gorgeous colors of the Chromatics collection, we can almost taste the salt on our lips and hear the waves splashing on a tropical beach at sunset. As the perfect backdrop for this rainbow of colors, we have chosen to construct a set in the one color that encompasses all colors: white. And never mind that the background for our KALEOS photo shoot is not exactly “real”, we called on our resident 3D-artist to showcase the nature-inspired collection in front of a digital background for stunning results. Now, do you see something you like?

Find out more: www.kaleoseyehunter.com

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