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Alfred Hitchcock pioneered many of the techniques that characterize the genres of suspense and psychological thriller. Recognized for his distinctive style, his innovative use of the camera to imitate a person’s gaze, he played with framing to provoke sensations, and developed a new form of film montage.
The movie Rear Window is considered his masterpiece and Jefferies borrows the surname of its protagonist.
Motivated by the cinematographic revolution initiated by the director, KALEOS paid tribute by following some of Hitchcock’s steps, with a frame that challenges the classic structure and assembly of the glasses.
The result is a titanium sunglass Limited Edition of 200 units in 5 colours, which like the director is characterized by a distinctive and unique style. With a single front piece of 2 mm titanium laser-cut, the nose pads are removed to convert the same frame in support, generating a new operation of the shape and silhouette. The completely round lens recalls the camera lens, and the pastel colours connect with the unsaturated colours of the first colour films.
Jefferies is a dramatic and cinematographic model that definitely attracts attention thanks to its lightness and unusual silhouette.

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