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Inspired by the forces of nature, KALEOS create new shapes where erosion transforms hard rock into ethereal beauty. Ancient angular and rugged forms become whimsical, graceful and genuinely unique, evoking a new spirit with a sculptural quality.

The cores of these natural sculptures are pure and stable, directly rooted in the earth to form part of it. However, their new shapes remind us of the passing of time; we perceive them as both modern, natural sculptures and as classic elements reminiscent of ancient times.

With this concept in mind, KALEOS presents its new collection: #NATURALsculpturesByKALEOS, a series of designs based on classic and timeless shapes, combined with KALEOS’s intuitive contemporary feel.

This is a harmonious collection for sophisticated individuals who admire the simplicity of the shapes and appreciate the high-quality materials and fine details that make the Spanish brand stand out from the rest, the hallmark of Kaleos itself.

At Spectr, we can’t help but love the meticulous work put into each frame, year after year since 2013. Check out the Slideshow to see some of the new frames called WHEELER, NASH, BARROW or DI VITA, included in this collection. Kaleos Eyewear is available in selected opticians and fashion concept stores in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Find out more: www.kaleoseyehunters.com

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