KALEOS Launches Contemporary Design Highlights

KALEOS is renowned not just for its modern eyewear designs but also for its compelling contemporary aesthetic. The Barcelona-based brand’s unwavering consistency can be attributed in large part to the distinct vision of Creative Director Claudia Brotons.

Wants to be surrounded only by authentic products: Creative Director Claudia Brotons.

What is the philosophy of KALEOS? What makes your products special?

Our philosophy is “The beauty in shape”. We believe that what sets us apart from other brands is our continuous obsession with shapes, which is reflected in all our eyewear.

Doesn’t the name KALEOS already suggest that?

Yes, it does. KALEOS is a name that mirrors our brand DNA. It is derived from the Greek word for “beautiful shape.”


So you have a special focus on shapes and silhouettes. How can these typically be described for KALEOS?

I have an appreciation for all types of shapes and silhouettes. And of course, each season I always have my favorites.

Which one stands out in the new collection?

My absolute favorite from KALEOS’ new collection we just launched is the »Benjamin sunglasses« shape. It presents a mysterious and contemporary design.


What else is an essential part of your design DNA?

The construction details. They play a pivotal role when it comes to developing shapes. The volumes, acetate lamination, types of rods— the list goes on.

It’s evident that acetate is your preferred material. Why?

Because it’s highly versatile and offers a plethora of color combinations.


Where do you personally find inspiration for your eyewear designs?

Designs and shapes form the foundation of our inspiration. It’s crucial for me to be surrounded by objects radiating authenticity. Items with distinct shapes that are integral to daily life—be it at home or the office. This ranges from art and sculpture to furniture and lamps.

You position yourself as a fashionable brand. Does this image also mirror your personal commitment?

Yes, in many ways. Part of the collection invariably echoes my perspective on fashion, and I subconsciously imbue these elements into my personal style. These two facets are invariably intertwined.


What is distinctive about your current releases?

It’s the way shapes have evolved compared to our past collections. It represents the evolution of designs, morphed into a medley of styles catering to diverse individuals.

What user experience is paramount to you as Creative Director when a customer picks up a pair of KALEOS glasses for the first time?

The most rewarding experience is when a customer feels compelled to try them on the moment they lay eyes on them. It signifies an immediate connection between the frame and the customer.


photos KALEOS

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