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Kaleos presents Rationalism, a collection which explores the main architectural trends from the first half of the 20th century. Through twelve sunglasses and thirteen opticals, the collection takes inspiration from the period between 1925 and 1965. Architecture in this era embraced minimalism and function, rejecting the ornamental architectural trends that had preceeded – founding what’s internationally known today as modernist architecture.

Through its designs Kaleos aligns Rationalism with the modernist movement, working from architectural shapes and colours that celebrate functionality and purpose. The collection’s frames feature clean shapes based on simple
geometrical forms, highlighting the high-grade materials used including titanium, acetate and stainless steel. The collection’s aesthetic derives from the rejection of ornamentation and embellishment, in order to accentuate the unique and expert designs.

The brand pays tribute to this architectural period, by presenting Rationalism as a timeless collection, which stands out for its pure, simple and natural charm. Watch below a few models in the Slideshow.

Find out more: www.kaleoscollection.com

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