KALEOS x Fundación Contigo // Breast Cancer Awareness Edition

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One Frame – Five Different Colours

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KALEOS teamed up with the Fundación Contigo, an anti-breast cancer association for an honorable cause – the brand launched a frame with a feminine touch and philanthropic responsibility.


The special frame comes in an ultra feminine colour palette including 5 different shades of pink. These are the colours that KALEOS believes represent the main goal of this collaboration: to help women fighting against breast cancer.


KALEOS will donate 100% of the sales profit to Fundación Contigo, an association conducting research into how to put an end to breast cancer. Committed to clinical and translational research, they are firm believers that it should be an essential part of the therapeutic strategy against female cancer. Their mission is to promote research projects that contribute to stop women’s breast cancer and improve the quality of life of patients.

An initiative we would like salute, as not only the fight against female Cancer is a crucial one, but also the frames themselves look swell and classy in those pretty colorways.

To find out more about this initiative and current KALEOS collections, please visit: https://kaleoscollection.com/

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