Come As You Are, the theme of 2022 collection, focuses on the emphasis that KOMONO wants to put into its forward thinking communities. KOMONO’s mission is to add to people’s unique identity and become part of their nature, by always staying true to common set of values.

For this campaign, KOMONO got in contact with students from various art schools across Belgium, creating candid photographs to ensure that a sense of self and individuality is portrayed to its utmost extent. Embracing people’s creativity, means of expression and highlighting their profile and stories is at the forefront of the 2022 collection and campaign. After a long period of separation it is now time to come together, as we are.


The products are designed from the brand studio in Antwerp and the frames are made from the high-quality materials: whether it be acetate, made from natural materials such as wood and cotton or leather, extracted from the finest cow and calf hides.

KOMONO materials are responsibly and ecologically sourced to offer the best quality available. The Belgian brand believes in fair pricing which means that the product are affordable yet can compete with the major luxury brands in terms of quality. From 2022 onwards, all of the new collections, will be made from fully eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Nice, right?

KOMONO believes that we all collectively have a responsibility to progress towards a more sustainable future. The eyewear brand is taking a pioneering role in rendering innovative design not only accessible but also viable on the long term.


For more information about KOMONO and to view the entire collection, visit www.komono.com

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