KOMONO renews its creative vision and explores radical new design propositions.

Reimagining the future.

KOMONO believes that change represents progress and development. It causes us to improve and helps us to transform our current environment. The ever-progressing integration of sustainable practices, both in the design as in the broader culture, is reflected within this season’s novelty and reworking of timeless classics. In a brand-new campaign by Pierre Debusschere, the artist propels us towards the future and breaks free of convention. His creativity and stylistic inspiration coincide with KOMONO’s attitude which is expressed in The Metamorphosis campaign where the eyewear brand renews its creative vision and explores radical new design shades able to break the conventions. 

The collection introduces a range of forward-looking styles which represent KOMONO’s attitude: changes represent progress and development and they can help to transform our current environment. 

For more information about KOMONO, please visit www.komono.com

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