KunoQvist S/S 2018


Imagine waking up in your hotel room. It’s Saturday morning and the early spring sun has managed to creep in through the thick curtains. There is no sound, except for the distant rush of water running through the pipes and the singing of two small birds outside.

The scent of peonies. Someone has ordered coffee.

Your shoes sit on the thick carpet next to the bed. Clothes lay thrown over the chair by an open window. A fresh breeze touches your face. The linen sheets feel cool and fresh next to your skin.

Your book is still on page one. The champagne glass is empty. The kids are not around…


For the spring 2018 collection from KunoQvist, the focus for our designer was to create a collection with broad appeal, while maintaining our characteristic feeling for colours and details.

The collection is characterized by matte pastels in metal and more fanciful acetates that bring nature to mind. Inspiration comes from a spring pallet, with light, bare skin and the need to get outside and back to nature after the winter. We also see influences from a futuristic technology that manages to blend in and work without being visible.

Matte pastels appear in trendier frames, such as the unisex models Nordyl and Holmfrid. Acetates with soft marble effects can be found on a number of the arms. They add a light, feminine touch to flat metal rims.

The colours of spring are matte: Almost petrol coloured “Allure blue”, a soft verdant velvet “High Green”, a fruity “Peach Perfect”, “Dry Lip-balm” –  a dark nude, and its lighter counterpart, “Damp skin”.

The wearer is a timeless woman or man who sees the frames as an extension of their own personality. Someone who appreciates quality and possesses a sense of playfulness. The colours do not have to match the outfit of the day, but should rather harmonize with the wearer’s colouring. A light pink Fimur for warmer skin tones or the bold patterns of Eowin for an intense look.


More Info: www.kunoqvist.com/eyewear/

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