Inspired eyewear design house, Leisure Society by Shane Baum, known for defining the worldly leisure lifestyle through high quality handcrafted eyewear, announces the addition of 5 new styles to its collection. The inspiration for the latest release comes from an admiration for the pioneers in the “Arts and Crafts” movement of the early 1900’s. The movement dedicated it’s efforts to handcrafted techniques, decorative elements, and inspired detail as a response to the industrial movement’s machine-made, mass-produced goods. The master craftsman that emerged created a legacy that has inspired the idea of heirloom design for the past century, a theory that Baum has committed to in his designs since the brand’s inception in 2011. By including only the finest quality materials like gold-plated titanium, cotton-based Zyl and top of the line CR-39 polarized lenses, the collection not only puts craftsmanship and design first, but quality and longevity as well, taking a strong stance against disposable products. Subtle, yet intricate laser patterns and classic enamel embellishments are celebrated in the designs in place of details de rigueur.
A key style in the new release is the ASHBEE. Its name honors a major contributor to the ”Arts and Crafts” movement, Charles Robert Ashbee. Ashbee was a English designer and founder of the Guild of Handicraft which specialized in jewelry, coppersmithing, ironwork, and enameling. e purpose of the guild was to seek not only to set a higher standard for craftsmanship, but at the same time, to protect the status of the craftsman. Innovative style ASHBEE embodies this commitment to a high standard of craftsmanship and is cast out of pure gold-plated titanium with the use of advanced enameling techniques. e thin-silhouetted frame is a slightly oversized rectangle shape and is extremely lightweight. e full titanium frame is available in Silver (12k Gold), 18k Gold, 24k Gold, and an Antique silver for a subtle matte-finished look.

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