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LEISURE SOCIETY is the new label started by an eyewear design veteran. Shane Baum has made a name for himself with his work for Louis Vuitton and has designed sunglasses for PAUL FRANK, PENGUIN and MODERN AMUSEMENT. Now he’s doing his own thing: With the new LEISURE SOCIETY collection, Shane Baum is bringing his very first own line of sunglasses into stores. These models exude a signature retro charm that’s very popular with entertainers and pop stars. Justin Timberlake, Gwen Stefani, Rihanna and Kanye West have already been seen with sunglasses designed by Baum. Is there a secret formula? Apparently not. Much rather, Baum is going for simple, timeless designs that blend great quality with Baum’s signature taste. Here’s a first look at the new collection:


The Harvard invites us on a journey back in time to the late 1930s. Based on military-issue World War II eyewear, this model is available in colors Black, Bone, Brown, Burgundy and Tortoise. The unisex glasses will offer a choice of two sizes. According to Shane Baum, the glasses in this collection are his most elaborate works to date.

Style: Harvard --- Frame: Black


The Neptune women’s model makes a strong statement with metal arches that reach over the lenses and cross in the middle. Baum has incorporated three diamonds into these shades for extra flair: One on each temple and one on the “Ajna Chakra,” the focus of life energy right between the eyes. The Neptune is available in Gold/Bone, Gold/Bordeaux, Silver/Black and Silver/Tortoise.

Style: Neptune --- Frame: Silver,Black


Here’s another journey back in time: The aviator style of the Brighton model is a nod to the brave pilots of days gone by. Like all sunglasses from the LEISURE SOCIETY collection, the Brighton features scratch-resistant and polarized CR-39 lenses. Additionally, all lenses in the entire collection are hydrophobic; or in other words, water-repellent. So no need To worry about water splashes or rain drops. Any liquid will simply run off the glass surface, no harm done…

Style: Brighton --- Frame: Gold, Tortoise

More info: www.leisure-society.com

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