Leisure Society – Byron

American luxury brand Leisure Society, creating heirloom quality designs, announces the addition of seven new captivating eyewear models to its collection. The fashionable new styles feature new designs with classic colorways and the brand’s signature innovative details, reminiscent of the timeless and chic spirit that Leisure Society always embodies. The styles capture the essence of collegiate nesse and mesmerizing style. The Spring/Summer 2013 collection introduces six new RX styles with sun options and one sunglass design, all created with the signature Leisure Society air. A noticeable evolution with this collection is Baum’s decision to design eyewear that is lighter in weight while maintaining standout shapes and sizes that utilize a range of the best materials including Japanese Zyl, titanium plated in 12k or 18k gold and precious stones. Among the new collection, one frame does take a step out: The Byron.

“With each new style comes timeless heritage, perfect for the spring âneur and chic conventionalism,” said Shane Baum. “As a designer I am always aware of the smallest details in my surroundings; It is in the tiny features of even the most grandiose items that I find inspiration. The etchings in each new frame were inspired by the intricate design in an 18th Century candelabra …” Each piece is created from high-grade materials and is featured in rich tones and nishes, which showcase a unique and distinguished character. The collection of dramatic bespoke looks takes cues from key motifs reminiscent of a past era, while offering quality, design, function and technology that transcends the future.

The Spring/Summer 2013 Collection carries a romantic and exquisite character while accomplishing fresh style and design: Byron displays a classic round shape but with quirk t for Lord Byron himself. The frame features a keyhole bridge and new understated acetate temple enriched with a subtle gold-plated diagonal stripe detail. Available in Matte Black, Tortoise, Bone, and Matte Sahara Tortoise.

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