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Don’t be fooled by the title “LESS FROM BELLINGER”, because it’s actually just the opposite of what the Danish designer label is planning for 2018. Get ready for more, and by that we mean more labels: Bellinger is gearing up for the launch of a new sub-brand, entitled LESS. The brand philosophy revolves around the Danish design ethos based on minimalist and elegant expressions with a clean form language. LESS will be joining the three existing labels under the Bellinger House umbrella: Bellinger, Blac, and Entourage of 7.

The LESS collection is based on the Bellinger design DNA, which since the founding of the brand by Malene and Claus Bellinger in 2003 has been marked by bold color combinations and expressive designs. LESS continues the broad color spectrum, but also adds equally charismatic print patterns to the mix for a unique, personal look and feel in an innovative package.

But there’s more to the brand than just stylistics: Upon closer inspection, the subtle nuances of LESS come to light. Based on new technical innovations, the label created a new and much thinner high-density acetate frame. According to Claus Bellinger Diederichsen, the frame is not only among the lightest available on the market, but also the strongest. The lightness of LESS frames is due to the acetate front combined with a fashionable top lamination in super thin acetate. Also bringing down the weight are slim Beta-Titanium temples in gold, silver, and new colors. The resulting frames offer a high degree of comfort, combined with exclusive fashion appeal. Look forward to the release of LESS in January 2018 with an initial offering composed of seven frame designs, with added variety through a selection of patterns and colorways in true Bellinger-style. Once again proof that LESS is more – more design with a typical Danish twist in proven quality from the label based in Risskov, Denmark.

More Info: www.bellinger.dk

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