Let there be Light with Eyevan 7285’s Colored Lenses

Keeping their theme of vibrant color alive, Eyevan 7285 is about to release a few new pairs of shades with groovy colored lenses from the current collection.

Model 760

The Boston shaped sirmont sunglasses with EYEVAN curved lenses. The same technique from 639 is taken into this design. By cutting off upper side of titanium Daruma rim, the thickness of plastic brow looks modest on front. Plastic temples with /3-titanium cores allow you to wear with comfort.

760-1220-0145760-4070-0180Eyevan 7285_760_$550Eyevan 7285_760_$550jpg

Model 765

Titanium plate sheet is cut and pressed to be thin and placed on the upper part of rim. Bridge part comes with keyhole, and we gravitated toward letting this design image settle in the middle of rim string and sheet-metal. Titanium sheet metal is pressed from the front and back, and this technique makes the design stay unique yet simple.

765-900-LIGHT BLUE-0286765-900-GREEN-0272765-800-GREY-0283765-800-LIGHT BROWN-0294

Find out more: www.eyevan7285.com



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