A tribute to 100 years of Eyewear Design

For the past 35 years, Danish designer label LINDBERG has commanded a unique position among the world’s top tier eyewear brands. And year after year, LINDBERG keeps upping the ante with new impulses. The secret? Henrik Lindberg, who established the company alongside his father and master optician Poul-Jørn Lindberg, keeps steering the ship with a clear vision. The result is a combination of award-winning designs and innovative technologies that advance the state of the art in our industry.

Boiled down to its bare essence, the design philosophy behind the family business can be summarized in one word: minimalism. The Danish designers eliminate any superfluous elements in search of purpose-led beauty. That’s why LINDBERG frames are free from bolts, rivets and welded joints. Instead, premium materials take center stage in the company’s offering, most of all ultra-light titanium offering the highest comfort of wear.

Another signature LINDBERG feature consists of the modular construction. This allows for adjusting all frame components to the personal style of the individual wearer. Consumers have a choice between titanium, gold, and buffalo horn to elevate their dream frames. Meanwhile, luxury choices include rare woods and diamonds, available upon request. No matter what material, the common denominator behind all LINDBERG frames is always a blend between quality and expert craftsmanship, applied with the ability to surprise and amaze the entire eyewear universe.

This year, the innovative legacy continues. The new LINDBERG line introduces new styles that pay tribute to the past 100 years of eyewear design. At the center of the collection, LINDBERG playfully interprets shapes and geometries, inspired by a variety of impulses from diverse fields such as architecture and art. The new styles arrive as an expansion of LINDBERG’s total of 16 classic collections. And needless to say, they expand the legacy of functionality, technical innovation, upscale materials, expert craftsmanship and personalization options.

The verdict: LINDBERG once again succeeds in achieving a unique balance. On one hand, the Danish designers use delicate accents to add an expressive and unique quality to their eyewear designs. On the other hand, the brand is well aware of the fine line between honoring classic shapes and overshooting the target. As a result, the new additions are classic in shape and highly wearable. Once again proof that one way to move forward lies with taking a closer look at a history of excellence.

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