LINDBERG 2012 Horn Collection

Lars Bøjvad provides the inside scoop on LINDBERG’s new Horn collection


Lars, what exactly is your job at LINDBERG?
As the product director I am part of the LINDBERG design team, a group of six people including our CEO, Henrik Lindberg. The team aspect is very important to us and we never showcase individual designers, because we place such high value on the different perspectives and contributions of everyone on the design team. All LINDBERG designs are subject to constant group evaluation during the entire design process.

Generally speaking, what inspires the LINDBERG design team?
The manifold possibilities within each of the different materials, combined with innovative technologies, are a key source of inspiration for the design team. We also put an emphasis on travelling – both as a group and individually. We make sure to visit a wide range of trade fairs for different industries. And we’re constantly browsing a wide range of magazines on subjects ranging from architecture and cars to the latest fashion bulletins. A lot of the time, our design team can find inspiration in the simple details.

Where did the design team draw inspiration from while working on this particular collection?
We had already worked with horn for quite a long time as part of the LINDBERG Precious Collection. In the process, we had acquired a solid body of know-how about horn, which is a rather challenging material. We also learned how best to work with this unusual material. We wanted to employ a natural material to create an exclusive collection for the discerning wearer not looking for eyewear featuring materials such as gold and diamonds, but who still wants something distinctive and individual.


How many different designs are included in the LINDBERG Horn collection?
There are currently nine different models, each with substantial variations in terms of natural shades and patterns.

Which materials did the design team choose to play with?
In the LINDBERG Horn collection, we worked with a combination of horn and titanium. Our horn is sourced from well-regulated suppliers in different places throughout the world, and from different animals.

What are the collection’s main colour themes?
These are all natural, earth-toned and easily wearable colours that go very well with many different skin tones.


Which are your favourite styles in the collection? And why?
The 1802 and 1810. The 1802 because it fits so well. And the 1810 is a very cool frame if you have the right face and attitude.

What is the intended spread for this new the collection in terms of gender? As in: male, female, unisex?
There are three male, two female and four unisex models.

Please describe the people you want to see wearing the LINDBERG Horn Collection.
We always aim for connoisseurs who are keen on wearing something individualistic and distinctive. They are attracted to the superior features at the core of LINDBERG’s design ethic, including adjustability, lightweight material and a fluid blend of fashion and aesthetics.


Do you see the collection as mainstream or cutting edge?
We are cutting edge in terms of exploring materials and putting them to unconventional uses. That’s why we were very happy to receive the 2011 Silmo Gold Award for the technology and innovation featured in the LINDBERG Horn Collection.

What makes your collection stand out from offerings from other labels?
Features that include adjustable nose pads and our screwless hinges. Also the innovative way the temples are jointed to the frames, as well as the multi-adjustable “hockey-stick” sections over the ears and the minimal use of materials. All these factors combine to enhance the overall aesthetics of LINDBERG designs.

Aside from LINDBERG, which would be your favourite label?
No specific one, although there are many interesting brands.

Thank you for the interview.

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