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The latest release of remarkable eyewear designs from Scandinavian brand Lindberg is now rolling towards leading opticians. According to Lindberg style experts, the subtle trend distinctions lie in the way new frame designs for men are getting slightly smaller and shallower, while the Lindberg frames for women are getting more distinctively feminine in shape and attitude. These style directions follow on from Lindberg’s well-received style splashes at the world-renowned Silmo eyewear trade fair in AW 2012.

The latest 9800 series in the Lindberg Strip range is a subtly sculptured blend of key thinking and details from acetate and titanium plate designs. Lindberg has now extended this distinctive range with no fewer than five new designs: Four that are more rectangular and more masculine/unisex in style, and one distinctly feminine cat-eye design. Each of the existing 9800 Strip designs is now available in yet one more delicate, matt-toned colour, extending the palette of choice still further.

Lindberg is also updating its classic Air Titanium Rim range with three new designs: The larger Nicholas for men, and the quirkily curving Louise and Alisa designs for women – especially those endowed with the distinctive cheekbones that complement these high-impact frame styles.

Sunny side up for summer
In advance of the summer season, Lindberg is also launching two new Sun designs.
The elegantly rounded 8577 Sun model, featuring acetate with the well-known titanium inlay, harks back to curvaceously feminine early 1960s styling, but slightly larger in step with modern preferences.
By contrast, the new 8576 Sun model follows the trend that sunglasses are usually bigger than normal glasses. This classically angular frame is available in large sizes, yet is still slim and discreet in step with LINDBERG insistence on elegant minimalism.

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