The new LINDBERG Sirius Titanium Collection owes its name to a Danish Navy unit: The Sirius Patrol not only has a cool name, but also is tasked with conducting reconnaissance at the borders of Greenland in extremely cold weather conditions. That’s why the Sirius Titanium Collection was developed with a curved design to protect these elite troopers from blinding sunlight reflected in the snow. For added protection, LINDBERG also offers optional acetate rims with side shields.

The exchangeable frame system offers a real innovative step as it lets users configure their glasses to perfectly fit their faces and visual needs. The system is especially tailored towards wearers with prescriptions by allowing the lenses to be switched in the blink of an eye without additional tools. Whether it’s working on a computer, driving or actively enjoying life hiking, skiing, golfing or sailing – the patent-pending system accommodates lenses for all use cases. Each frame is accompanied by a hard-shelled case for traveling, and a soft 4-pocket wallet for carrying your cleaning pouch and two pair of extra lenses. As always, the frames are entirely screw-less, using the patented LINDBERG hinge design.

And don’t be fooled – our photo shoot for the Sirius Titanium Collection did not take place in the barren plains of Greenland, but at a snow-white photo studio. Our version of the Sirius Patrol also deviated from the standard-issue Danish Navy uniforms in favor of fashion-forward black garments, and also featured women. But then again, these glasses are not just for braving the ice cold winter landscapes, but also for bringing some heat to the city.

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