Transparency is not only in high demand in today’s political and economic landscape, but also in the eyewear business. Transparency affects the production chain and choice of materials in the optical industry, as well as the design of the actual frames. For a quite literal interpretation of transparency – and a very bold one at that – we want to draw your attention to these three styles from Danish premium label LINDBERG.

Why did we choose these three models from the Scandinavian eyewear brand’s vast portfolio? Answer: Because they have that special touch that could well be setting a new trend. These oversized frames all make a noticeable fashion statement with their bold form language. But on the other hand, their transparent material makes them appear delicate and lofty. What may sound contradictory at first is achieved by the use of LINDBERG’s signature titanium temples in combination with the minimalist hinge design. This approach allows the composite frames with the inner rims made of acetate to rest comfortably on the wearer’s face, but also lends a premium tactility to the high-grade overall finish.

We especially like the fact that the shape of the lenses masterfully adheres to the frame design, yet without surrendering completely. The independent character of the inner rim and exterior shapes of these LINDBERG models creates an unmistakable look that could become a season favorite. For starters, here’s this issue’s Editor’s Choice award for these masterful transparent frames from Denmark.

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