LOOK // Introducing EXTRA, the Somewhat Extraordinary Frame

It is LOOK’s innate and ongoing attention to innovation that led the Italian brand to EXTRA, a line of eyeglass models with a special tilting bridge designed to improve comfort. An in-depth study into ergonomics resulted in the discovery of a technical component that pays special attention to the fit of the frame. LOOK EXTRA glasses have a tilting bridge made from a titanium insert that adapts to the wearer’s features when they place them on their nose. This support system is incredibly practical and gives a great fit and an extremely comfortable sensation.

This exciting feature of the EXTRA series allows easier access and a smarter way to wear glasses. The series includes 4 models – one aviator, one rectangular, a pantos and the extra small – all featuring the tilting bridge and slim temples, suitable for practicality and safety also when worn under a motorcycle or bicycle helmet or under a ski goggle.

Designed to avoid the unpleasant marks left on a wearer’s face by nose pads, EXTRA doesn’t weigh on the top of the nose, even after long periods of wearing. The name EXTRA is a short for “something more” than usual. “EXTRAcool aesthetics with an EXTRAcomfortable fit, for a look and comfort that is EXTRAordinary.” is the brand’s claim and it is as fitting as the models!

Of course, the LOOK EXTRA line is designed and produced entirely in Italy by LOOK – made in Italia. See for yourself how the tilting bridge looks and works in the video below! Extraordinary, isn’t it?!

Find out more here: lookocchiali.it

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