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Elegance, high-end design, and a continuous drive for innovation: Since 1978, internationally renowned eyewear company LOOK – MADE IN ITALIA has been manufacturing and designing high-quality eyewear. True to the name, all production remains entirely ‘Made in Italy’ for three distinct labels: premium brand Look, luxury label Materika, and upscale kids’ line Lookkino. Local production not only allows the company headquartered in the Dolomites Mountains to maintain its core values. In light of the coronavirus pandemic, the regional focus also enables LOOK to meet delivery timelines while globalized supply chains are in turmoil.

What’s more, the ‘Made in Italia’ story expands into a new chapter in 2020, despite the crisis, with the addition of the new Look Extra line. The premium glasses feature a tilting titanium bridge that adapts to the wearer’s features and eliminates the discomfort associated with conventional nose pads. Plus, the new Materika Titanium 70620 series introduces four minimalist shapes distinguished by ultra-thin rims with milled edges, crafted from the finest Japanese titanium. With so much to talk about, SPECTR checks in with Vittore Tormen, Chief Executive Officer at LOOK – MADE IN ITALIA, for this issue’s Label Update.

Thanks for taking the time for the interview, Vittore. How do the two new collections fit into your company philosophy and values?

Straight away, the name ‘Extra’ suggests something out of the ordinary. The glasses incorporate a small revolution that meets the demands of various different consumers. The tilting bridge provides comfort and an exceptional fit. Extra is suitable for those looking for an extremely light-weight, versatile and ultra-practical frame. And it expresses our brand’s commitment to innovation.

Materika 70620 features an absolutely essential design and adds slimline rim borders made from Italian acetate to one of our ‘evergreen’ ultra-light titanium models. As always, we seek and use only materials that can be traced, in other words carefully selected raw materials, to create products which are a concentration of our values and genuinely made in Italy.

On that note, with the effect of coronavirus on global supply chains, is it an advantage that you have maintained all manufacturing in Italy for over 40 years?

It’s an advantage without comparison! In a moment as complex as today, having complete control over the production line allows us to give continuity to the production processes and look to the future knowing we have made the most coherent choice. We can guarantee a product that is a prime example of Made in Italy, with no compromises. Glasses that have been designed, developed and produced entirely in Italy, with the highest standards of safety and performance. We want to instill a sense of calm in our clients and everyone who has chosen us.

From your client’s perspective, what does the Look Extra collection bring to the table?

Slim, elastic temples designed with a smart and urban use in mind, such as under a motorcycle or bicycle helmet. Or in the case of Look Extra small, also fitting under a ski mask or safety glasses.

Speaking of fit, what has been the response to the special tilting bridge designed to improve wearer comfort? And how long did the development process take?

The tilting bridge is something clients appreciate right from the moment they try the frame. Titanium also ensures the material’s safety and biocompatibility. The development required about twice the time it usually takes for a traditional product. But being innovative is part of our bigger vision and an important reason for our presence on the market for more than 40 years. 

You are also adding new models to the Materika Titanium collection this year. What frame shapes are you playing with?

After listening closely to market demands, we were compelled to look into the design’s balance. From this, simplified shapes emerged that are aimed at a wide public, for sure, but a public that is constantly seeking a reliable, refined product characterized by absolute comfort.

How does Materika preserve this high level of refinement?

Materika is an integral part of LOOK-made in Italia and has a different positioning – that is at the high-end. This product’s aim is to offer a real experience for the customer who wants an independent, refined product marked by excellence, along with a high dose of design.

We heard that the name also embodies these values quite literally, correct?

Yes, Materika is an acronym that stands for: MAterial that is carefully selected and traceable. TEchnology employed to reach the highest standards. Also RIcerca, which is Italian for ‘research’, and our focus for over 40 years of continuous improvement. Lastly, CApability, shortened as ‘KA’, is the human value that makes the difference when giving shape and life to exceptional glasses which can give the wearer a unique experience on a daily basis.

Thank you for sharing your insights in this interview.

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