LOOK-made in Italia // ABBRACCIO

With a gesture that symbolically encompasses the depth of emotional ties, LOOK-made in Italia presents its new 2021 communication campaign: ABBRACCIO.

In this exceptional moment in history, where a lack of contact and social distancing are rewriting the dynamics of our relationships, the brand wants to emphasize values as a cure, protection and affection, seen here in a series of delicate shots in which emphasis is put on the main characters with gentle lighting and a harmonious colour scheme. Colour that brings warmth, because a hug (abbraccio in Italian), is the contact that creates warmth.   

Tender gestures between a man, woman and child, almost a dance with a neoclassical feel, represent the beauty of the deep emotions that keep people connected. Trust turns into a loving touch, a family embrace.

The campaign embraces the entire LOOK-made in Italia range. Putting quality and excellence in every gesture and action, LOOK-made in Italia expresses their dedication and passion. On all levels, personal or professional.

Hugs are the warmest and most joyful gesture of all. They mark new friendships, old loves, the firm bond in a couple and the strong connection between family members. They are a universal language used by adults and children alike.

Hugging is a simple and instinctive human act, which today we are forced to limit, but which reminds us that only deep and authentic bonds will let us overcome the present and face tomorrow with determination.

Also, the campaign ABBRACCIO is a gentle reminder to appreciate our loved ones even more and have a thought for those who live in isolation and have to endure these difficult times without human contacts nearby.

For more information about the campaign and current collections, visit: www.lookocchiali.it

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