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New Collection & New Campaign

LOOK has more than 40 years of history to look back on as a brand. The result of their decades of experience is a high product quality and the kind of reliability that makes it tempting to stick to tried and tested successes. Despite that, the Italian brand is still breaking new ground and rebranding itself. The concept for 2023 is based on their campaign motto NOI (we). The products of the Bold collection, which we were able to stage in this collection shoot, reflect this, as we explored in our interview with Head of Marketing Marco de Fina.

Hello Marco, LOOK has been a top Italian eyewear brand for decades. What distinguishes the brand from its competitors?

LOOK is a brand that, from the very beginning, wanted to bring an avantgarde vision that united style and technique to the eyewear market. An evolved vision of the product to really meet the wearer’s needs – from the perfect fit to the lightness of the product. It’s designed for prolonged everyday use. Our focus on quality along with our dedication to ethical production has always distinguished us from other brands. We practice what we preach.

You’ve already creatively realigned yourselves in the last two years. Now, you are rebranding yourself. What does that look like?

Rather than a rebranding I’d rather call it a natural evolution of our brand. In an increasingly competitive market, it’s important to be more incisive – more direct. LOOK is evolving to find a new approach to the market in terms of design, communication, and image. We’re incorporating a cooler edge, but without losing the now famous and established aspects of the way we produce our frames.

So, you’re doing away with “Made in Italia” in the brand, but domestic production remains a basic constant at LOOK, doesn’t it?

Absolutely! Our production is 100 percent Italian and always will be. We just wanted to be more direct and incisive. “Made in Italia” is one of our values, but it’s certainly not the only one. Because of this, we are switching our focus to talk about LOOK as a much bigger symbol to represent our values, ethics, corporate philosophy, vision and mission. We’ll still always emphasize “Made in Italia” in a dedicated section for our established customers and for everyone who wants to get to know us.

Have the basic values and philosophy of LOOK changed in any way?

No, or rather, they are even stronger than before. LOOK’s core value is family. We produce frames ranging from the kids segment to adults – representing the whole family. That also truly represents the type of company we are – one that is family-owned. The owners of LOOK are the Tormen Family, now in their second generation. We’ve stayed true to the values that have made us successful over these 40 years, such as customer care and innovation, and we will carry those forward.

This year, you are putting the company itself at the center of your campaign – NOI. What is behind this?

Thank you for this question, this new image is something we really like to talk about. You’re absolutely right, it does put the company front and center! The company is the people, NOI (we) – all the employees of LOOK. Of course, people also includes our customers, our end users. NOI puts people at the center and does so with a modern yet also simple style.

For our collection shoot, you sent us four models from the Bold collection. The name suggests striking styles, yet the individual models are quite wearable. What distinguishes the Bold collection?

These four models represent a new LOOK milestone. The volume of the frames lends them a certain importance without giving up the unmistakable and recognized lightness of our product. They feature a cool design that brings a sense of novelty to our sample collection while carrying forward an already established product by LOOK – the famous NILs.

What materials do you work with in this collection?

Our materials are definitely a strong point. In this collection we use a combination of our NIL, the injection molding technopolymer and XINOX, our steel that is 30 percent more flexible than traditional steel without sacrificing its natural strength.

Another special feature is the campaign’s color concept. What is special about it?

Color in this collection is strongly linked to the modern tastes of the adult, mature consumer – one who is secure in his choices. At the same time, it is a versatile product in the sense of the color rendition that NIL allows. That gave us the opportunity to refine our colors for cooler matte tones and more elegant glossy effects. It truly is a new product! We also proposed a special color for each model, featuring color asymmetry in the temples. Here, one is colored with a bright hue and the other, together with the front, is completely matte black. It adds a touch of diversity that gives the frame a cool and modern look.

Find more information about LOOK in our Brand Profile or on www.lookocchiali.it


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