“Made in Italia” is perhaps one of the brand LOOK most distinguishing features – a decisive practical, aesthetic and philosophical choice that is showcased in the new LOOKmade in Italia campaign.  The company designs and makes everything in Italy, in an extraordinary part of the country, and that hasn’t changed for the past 40 years.

Sono le mani (meaning “It’s in the hands”) is a multi-subject campaign, which explores four themes built around the four tenets of the LOOK –made in Italia philosophy. There are four concepts and the individual attributes – beauty, modernity, sophistication and passion – are found in all of them.

The very original campaign centers around four mini-stages where the hands have the starring role. In each shot, the observer sees movements that build into scenes revolving around eyewear – enigmatic settings designed to arouse curiosity. More than highly aesthetic, they’re eye-catching, clearly fine-tuned and engineered down to the smallest detail.


The world of fine cuisine or Italian cultural dining rituals – like an impassioned toast or coffee prepared in a mokka pot and served in an espresso cup – distilled to a delectable concentrate where nothing is left to chance.

An allusion to classic sculpture is the use of white for the marble body in action in the colored box. Like a theater of everyday life, portrayed in all of its minute details; the moving hand caught in the instant in which the action takes place, poised between stasis and motion.

And thus, a LOOK frame is the expression of a thought capable of moving the force of imagination. A truly imaginative campaign combining Italian pleasures with

Find out More: www.lookocchiali.it

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