LOOL // Built to Be Light

lool, the new brand from Etnia Eyewear
Culture Group, launches a capsule
collection with Naoto Fukasawa,
the master of intuitive design

The Naoto Fukasawa Collaboration Capsule, developed in lool LABS, the
brand’s design studio, has launched with two models: Naoto1 and Naoto2,
inspired by organic minimalism and the strength of metal.

„People shouldn’t really have to think about an object when they are using it. Not having to think about it makes the relationship between a person and an object run more smoothly”

Such is the philosophy of Naoto Fukasawa, one of the most influential designers alive in the world today. A philosophy very much in line with the raison d’être of lool, the new Etnia Eyewear Culture Group brand. And indeed,
it is no mere coincidence that it should be he, the Japanese designer, who is the first to sign his name to the brand’s opening capsule collection. lool, just like Fukasawa, believes that the best design is not seen, that it is born of gesture and intuition.

The two frames, one round and the other rectangular, present in
black, silver and gold – clearly opting for a monochromatic look

“The best designs are those that dissolve in behaviour”, he says and that is the very concept that has guided the Naoto Fukasawa Collaboration Capsule:

A design so perfect, it grows out of intuition. Built to be light.

Find out more about the Brand LOOL: www.looleyewear.com/

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