Lost in Translation

ic! berlin stuck in Tokyo


When you end up stranded in Tokyo for a few days at a time, it’s hard not be reminded of the movie Lost in Translation. To be reminded of Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray, the glittering cityscapes, the culture shock and merciless jet lag that will drive you down to the hotel bar right in the middle of the night. This is pretty much what happened to Ralph Anderl of eyewear company ic! Berlin and his girlfriend Maira Becke-Peixoto, who found themselves lost in the Japanese metropolis for a few nights after Air France had cancelled their flight. The couple decided to document their experience photographically, and ended up publishing the results in the fascinating ic! berlin tokyo photo book. And much like Sofia Coppola’s movie, this work is surrounded by a certain kind of aura that can only be found in Tokyo.



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