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Lunor draws inspiration on historic models

One’s own history and the roots one originates from create identity and shape one’s character – sometimes unconsciously, quite often consciously.
The roots of the German glasses manufacturer Lunor include an own collection of antique frames and a huge passion for their varied design of shapes. The collected treasures go back to the 16th century and exude a charm that both captivates and inspires. Fine gold frames, historic folding glasses and exceptional lorgnettes follow one another, giving design stimulus for new creations.

“Retro” is a design philosophy at the brand’s headquarter. “Good style is not a matter of time,” says Michael Fux, designer and manager of Lunor AG. He draws his inspiration on historic spectacle models, turning them into up-to-date, modern interpretations – this way, unique creations are produced, combined with the most modern materials and high wearing comfort. Models that carry and reflect spectacle history.

The German Brand hardly ever disappoints with their high end frames that fit into all types of faces. Check out their website and find out more about the models M13, Advantage and Aviator II.

We also welcome you to watch this space for Lunor will be part of our finest Eyewear selection of FAVR….

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