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The new Cateye frames from the A11 collection flatter feminine facial features

Cat-Eye glasses (or glasses with lenses in the shape of cat’s eyes) have been a popular accessory since the 1940s. The frames were mainly worn by style-conscious women such as Marilyn Monroe or Grace Kelly and continued to enjoy great popularity in the following decades – Cateye glasses have become a fixed stylistic device with an elegant effect. They flatter every woman and give an extravagant chic, sometimes in a striking way, sometimes in a subtle form.

Distinctive but oh so feminine

German Eyewear brand LUNOR extends the successful A11 collection with feminine frames with Cat-Eye chic in two new forms. The new models are for female facial features and underline them in a delicate way. LUNOR created two timeless, discreet variations. These spray the charm of the extravagant glasses classics of yesteryear, without dominating the face of the wearer. The eyewear designs of LUNOR are usually for every face – the new A11 models with retro-cat-Eye shape were created exclusively for women. Here are a few models for you!

Fine shape and narrow frame

The new models consist of a narrow frame that rises towards the outer sides and allows the spectacle jaws to taper out towards the top. Despite the filigree frame design, the glasses have large shaped lenses. Due to the angular hinges, the cheeks of the frame appear restrained and highlight the wearer’s cheekbones.
Matching the cat’s eye shape, the filigree bridge of the glasses also emphasizes feminine facial features. The A11 454 has distinctly shaped cat’s eyes and lies on the nose with a discreet saddle bridge. The second model A11 456 (on the right) has a light Cat-Eye shape with an extravagant keyhole bridge; another fine detail.
Thanks to the six different colours black, havana dark, havana light, vintage grey, vintage blue and vintage brown, the wearer has the possibility to choose – black and dark models stand out clearly from the face, pastel shades blend in with the wearer’s face and add a touch of extravagance.

Find out more about LUNOR and discover all models here.

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