LUNOR // M9 in Bicolor

The Lunor M9 receives Bicolor-Look

Have the courage to use colour, and do so twice – this guiding principle also applies to eyewear fashion. Because why choose just one colour when you can have two? A balanced two-tone look makes every style exciting and unique. German brand LUNOR launches new colour combinations in their current M9 collection. The bicolour look of the metal frame is created in an extremely elaborate process and makes the titanium at the edge of the eye shine in subtle brown, green or blue.

Lunor M9 01 AG BR
Lunor M9 02 RGS GN
Lunor M9 01 AS BL

The Lunor M9 – as if drawn from a single line.

Minimalist and with a harmonious design language, this model flatters practically all face shapes. The design is reduced to the essentials and sets the scene for the fine glasses with the new two-tone colour play: antique gold merges with a warm brown, antique silver unites with noble midnight blue, and satin rose gold nestles up against mystical green. All colours complement each other perfectly and add exciting accents with the coloured rim of the lenses.

Farbveredelung in Handarbeit

The M9 receives its high-quality colouring in an elaborate handcrafted process. In the first step, the entire frame is electroplated with gold, palladium and ruthenium. The matt look is created by careful brushing by hand. Then the eye rim – after the other components have been neatly masked off. It is the small but fine details, such as the movable pads and ergonomically shaped temples, that make the difference and should definitely not be missing from the new edition of the M9. The frame is available in a panto shape and a round shape.

Want to find out more? At FAVR the model M9 and other models are available for you. Also check the Brand Profile to receive more news about Schwarzwald based Premium brand LUNOR.

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