Lunor introduces the A10 collection in four fine strong colors

When you nail the shape, it’s sometimes a good thing to keep it and to only change colours. Sometimes a new coat or shade of paint gives a yet undiscovered perspective on objects, particularly emphasizing characteristic details. German Brand Lunor uses this concept with their successful A10 collection, simply expanding the already existing line by four new colours: The dark glimmering colour shades emphasize the fluid lines of the shapes, giving them even more depth.

The play with the contrasts of the two-part color scheme is another fine detail of the models. The German glasses manufacturer combines the strong color shades with a second white acetate layer that visibly decorates the frame on the inside.

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The new colour shades of the A10 collection expand the presently classic and slightly transparent color range by strong hues with an appearance similar to horn – discreet but determined. Shades such as ink blue, burgundy, asphalt gray and fir green – which is used for the first time by Lunor in the correction sector – put the spectacle frames in a new colour look. The respective colour hues fully stand out thanks to the white inside of the acetate frame, making the colouring softer.

The clear design language of the A10 finds expression in the classic Panto design as well as the anatomic frames, with reserved elegance and bold colours. Looking forward to seeing more and in the meantime, check out the old...

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