MAISON JEAN-FRANÇOIS REY // Intertwined Beauties

French Brand JF FREY launches new Eye-Catching Styles

The French kick off the new year with a new line of combined frames that strikes with bold graphic aesthetics, delivering a spectacular visual power.

Available in two elegant shapes, it revisits the fusion of metal and acetate with a true desire for singularity and a creative energy typical of Maison Jean-François Rey. The result are vibrant combinations of colours with assertive stylistic orientations and intertwined geometric lines. The contrasting effects of colours and details in materials is what makes these frames so special.

Movement is at the heart of the designs: signed by a play of fluid lines on the top that reshape the silhouette by giving it a certain lightness and a lot of personality.

Designed in two-tone combinations, with expressive colour ranges, it adds a dynamic spirit and highlights the complexity of the construction.

The style combines vivacity and contemporary refinement, served by striking colours such as a Scarlet Red on Acetate, or a Safre Blue used with Gold palettes for a radiant effect.

Some models show more subtle contrasts, always harmonious, or assume the absolute chic of Black and White. A new signature concept which is already among the best-sellers of the JF Rey women’s collections. And we sure understand why!

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