The Perfect Match

A renowned designer loses his eyesight – what sounds like a tragic and almost insurmountable stroke of fate, is the true story of the German-Israeli couture designer Merch Mashiah. He’s been shaping the Berlin fashion and avant-garde scene for years until an enigmatic illness brought his world to a halt. The diagnosis changed everything. His relationship broke down and his profession was nothing but a memory. But like the young Beethoven, who continued to make music despite hearing loss, Merch rose from the ashes like a phoenix. He decided to fight for his existence – and for his ability to create. And he’s been fighting ever since, for every idea, every concept and every memory of shape and color.  

Fate or coincidence?

While eating, the fashion designer and Thomas Akiyama, managing director of Aoyama Optical GmbH, got to know and appreciate each other. Very quickly, similarities emerged and it became clear that the two share the same views – and the same penchant for perfection. They were both driven by the pursuit of a state in which nothing can be improved, a unique interplay of German precision, craft tradition, harmony and aesthetics. Merch counts on the highest quality and has all his clothes manufactured in Germany. The eyewear manufacturer shares the same ethos and produces exclusively in the best locations in Germany and Japan. All these strong paradigms are reflected in the cooperation and creation of a limited edition for MAKELLOS.

The result is the model “SABABA” – the name suggests “having a good time” –, which will debut at OPTI 2020 in Munich. It’s limited to 100 pieces in three colors. The frame, whose front consists of a multi-layered acetate of the premium manufacturer LAES, features a fine visible fold in the titanium temple. This style element is characteristic for the oeuvre of Merch Mashiah, who prefers pleats in his designs and loves quality that translate to haptics.

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