MARC O’POLO DENIM // New Urban Eyewear Collection

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Urban. Contemporary. Highly likeable.

The Autumn/Winter season has just begun and yet MARC O’POLO DENIM is already on their Spring/Summer 2020 collection, which sees the launch of an exciting Eyewear Capsule Collection. Contemporary and super urban, this lovely MARC O’POLO DENIM collection has what it takes to make heads turn.

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Three New Urban Series

Three series. Eight styles. Made of super slim stainless steel and light cellulose acetate, the frames include removable spectacle straps that are trending big time because they look good and make sure you never loose your precious glasses no more! Available in strong neon orange or in a subtle off-white, summer olive or bleached brick, each of these new frames make a statement. So work out what you’re trying to say and pick your favourite!

And, Action!

Unusual round shapes and special laminates on the front and temple end give these two frames a high end fashion look. Perfect for fashion lovers.

Good Guys.

Consists of two models. Two expressive statements in XXL shapes. The Windsor ring matches the colour of the end of the hanger.The casually tinted lenses lend urban character.

Ice, Ice, Baby.

High-quality stainless steel models in cool shapes and relaxed window shades. Casual metallic effects meet retro-inspired elements. Conceived as a laid back Summer look, these can be worn in Winter too!

Marc O’Polo continues to surprise us with their Eyewear collections and it’s fun to see the development since the release of their last collection.

These Denim Eyewear Styles will be available from Januar 2020 online at the MARC O’POLO Online-Shop as well as a selection of opticians worldwide.

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