MARKUS-T // EASE: A Statement on the Face

The incredible lightness of seeing. A fitting title for the new EASE Collection by German eyewear designer brand MARKUS T: After building more than 20 years of expertise in the optical design field and a tireless pursuit of crafting the perfect rimless frames, the label now presents its most ambitious offering to date. The new EASE Collection represents minimalism at its finest, reduced to the max, slimmed down the core, and with new perspective on time-honored details. Meanwhile, the frames also leave a great bit of free expression for wearers’ individual styles. For the inside scoop on the impressive collection that has already been honored with the 2020 German Design Award, we talk shop with founder and namesake Markus Temming.  

What is the standout features of the 22 new models in the EASE Collection?

Aside from technical specifics such as extremely small connective elements between lenses, almost no weight, screwless design, flexible and colorful TMI-flex outline and insertable titanium add-ons, there is a major special feature: Our fundamental concept for these rimless glasses goes far beyond rimless glasses. With more than 30,000 different combinations, we unlock a broad range of finishes from no rim all the way to semi-rim and full-rim models. That’s an enormous range of individual creative expression.

When and how did the pursuit of rimless frames become a focus?

Basically, I already knew 20 years ago that there would be a rimless MARKUS T collection at some point, as it’s a perfect fit for our vision and philosophy. The reason for waiting until presenting it today was, on one hand, the evolution of eyewear fashion. The major emphasis – and literally, weight – placed on frames crafted from acetate and wood left insufficient attention for products that focus on reductionist design. On the other hand, rimless frames are the highest art of eyewear craftsmanship. When it comes to improving such a stripped-down product or even improving and reinventing it, that’s an enormous challenge. Our approach was to create a product that makes a statement on the wearer’s face despite its reductionist aesthetic. That also led us to the collection’s name: EASE. Lightness put into action. As a lifestyle. Focus on essentials. And by essentials we also mean a sense of joy and beauty. Although living a life of lightness can be hard in today’s current global situation, it’s exactly what we need to preserve. Courage. Joy of life. Togetherness and community. Everyone is starting to notice these things on a micro and macro level. So the concept of lightness gains importance. That’s why, for the past few weeks, we have been sharing our personal moments of beauty, contemplation, and vision with our community under the hashtag #coroNo.

Who did you have in mind while creating EASE?

All those who love an eye for essentials.

Speaking of individuality: How can the frames be customized?

At the moment, the collection entails 22 different models. When it comes to the shape of the lenses, opticians receive a large degree of flexibility, which is in the nature of rimless frames. Many of our models can be fitted with titanium add-ons in our titanium colorways. These include clip-on top rims in a number of different variations, turning EASE frames into semi-rimmed glasses. As an alternative, every model can be outlined with TMi-Flex outlines in colorful accents, adaptable to each lens shape and size in order to lend these frames a delicate full-rimmed look. For this option, we are currently offering two different widths (2.2mm/4.00mm). Our temples can also be enhanced by two variations. Overall, this creates a total of 30,000 combinations just within our EASE Collection.

On the subject of titanium add-ons, what kind of colorways are you offering?

We offer eleven different colours ranging from an understated basic titanium colorway to green, blue, rose, and high-contrast black. But also 24-karat gold with a PVD coating.

What would be the three catchwords to describe the collection?

Simple. Intelligent. Beautiful.

Compared to a massive horn frame, all EASE glasses are featherlight. How many grams does each of these pieces weigh?

Depending on the individual customization, their weight starts at less than 2 grams.

What was the most fun aspect about creating the collection?

We had tremendous fun with the development of a rimless frame that is so much more than just a pair of glasses without a rim. The collection practically matured due to its countless variations and facets. Making it unique and quintessential MARKUS T at the same time.

During the design process, were you able to leverage experiences from previous eyewear collections?

I think it was good that we waited this long to create EASE. This allowed us to step to this master class with 20 years of experience under our belt. We are now fully convinced that this is the best collection we have ever created.

There already a few brands in the eyewear universe specialized in rimless models. What sets your offering apart from these other brands?

There are only a select few brands whose philosophy is actually a match for the rimless concept. Our strength lies with going extremely deep into details. And that’s the fundamental key to a rimless collection. Reinventing reduced features in detail and improving them. Perhaps it is this thoroughness that sets us apart from many others. And since we are able to implement every step from ideation to manufacturing to shipping right here at our HQ in Gütersloh-Isselhorst, we are highly flexible and hands-on throughout the entire process.

Thank you for the detailed interview, Markus.

Find out more about the brand here.

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