At Massada Eyewear, art is expression of the most creative human skill; imagination. Forms carry an emotional load. Forms are inspired by Brancusi, Arp, Judd, Calder and many others. Temples, metal elements, nose bridge and pads resemble sculptures derived from Brancusi and Arp. Frames are sculptures. Colours palette is encouraged by spectrum of painters from Monet, Goya to Rothko. Frames have lives given by names associated with artistic matter.

Skein, Brancusi inspired shop display

As a small independent brand, the Swiss deliver experiences utilised in a sustainable way. There is too much waste on our planet mother earth. People are throwing away things fast without fully utilising them. They deplete environmental resources. Massada want to provide frames which are forever. Art is forever. Every time a frame is designed, it is perceived as a timeless piece. If the frame ages, it only acquires extra beauty as in Japanese Wabi Sabi aesthetics concept. The way to do it  is to work as an independent brand where goals are far beyond commercial means. Conscious about the foot print that we leave in the world, Massada wishes that people enjoy wearing their frames, enjoy experiencing the brand and live thoughtful responsible lives.

“Working for Massada is a way of life to us” – Creative Team.


Massada founders Kate and Chris love art and are personally involved in every aspect of artistic directions taken within company. With its artistic interests and art appreciation they want to share their curiosity and enthusiasm for art with other people. They invite artists to take joy in creating. Intention of the endeavour is to involve talented virtuosos in art exploration and communication with the world. Massada Art Projects are open to accommodate any representation of human fantasy. The aim is to expand human imagination. Individual projects selected represent careful personal choices of the Massada founders. Independence of the thinking and approach is encouraged. Disputes and deliberations are present as art is perceived as important and fundamental part of their lives. Every idea is born in endless conversations.


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