Looking to wear beautiful and high-quality glasses made in Japan and Italy, from a label that places extra emphasis on artistic ambitions? A label that regards eyeglasses as more than just frames fitted with lenses, held in place by temples on both sides? In other words, a brand that’s set on adding a unique vision to the world of eyewear design? Then we recommend having a look at MASSADA. Founders Kate and Chris are full of creative energy – not to mention connections to the brightest minds in art and fashion – and know well that brand identity also originates in the subconscious. In order to satisfy their artistic ambitions, the two supplement their frame designs with a range of accessories and parallel projects, always with a love for detail and artistic execution. For a visual introduction, have a look at the Massada Art Projects on their website and prepare to be amazed by the stunning visuals across mixed media. The products themselves are equally impressive, and our office has never received a shipment in which we took 20 minutes to unwrap all the gorgeous accessories. These included a vinyl record, comic book, and a high-grade leather-bound notebook in genuine stitch binding. The verdict: Nothing about MASSADA is standard issue, everything is high art. This issue’s Best Accessories Award goes to the Swiss label.

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